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Have you ever been to Santorini?

Friday, June 25, 2010


Traditions and folklore concerning giants, who were once alive and had supernatural powers, abound on Santorini. There are other stories about brave men or beautiful mermaids, as well as many beliefs concerning cutting down trees. The people of Santorini believe that a tree must never be cut down (even if it is growing on top of a church altar).
Other traditions concern sea demons, ghosts of the sea who were a true source of terror to sailors and fishermen.
Many of these old beliefs survive to this day. For example, ships that anchor in the port of Kameni tie their ropes in the shape of a cross to protect them from the “demon”.


Trotter said...

Greece Traveller,
Thanks for your visit and comment to Blogtrotter. I also love Santorini; you could have a look at it on my previous blog... Enjoy!!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shot of the island.

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carolinefo said...

Greetings from Ayvalik!

Finally got round to reading your very interesting blog and you're right - am utterly seduced by the beauty of your island.

I look forward to reading the blog in a bit more depth in due course.