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Have you ever been to Santorini?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tastes of the island

In Santorini, as well as all over Greece, eating is a way of life. Santorini’s cuisine is mainly based on the island’s agricultural products. Despite the lack of water, the island’s soil is particularly foil and their products have a unique taste.
In the traditional Santorini cuisine we can distinguish the following ingredients and dishes:
Fava is a puree made with Fava beans (yellow peas). Fava is an old traditional dish of Greece which can be served in many different ways according to the time of the year. It is said that Santorini’s peas are “the most delicious peas ever known”.
Santorini Cherry Tomato is a unique variety that can be easily mistaken for cherries. Very aromatic and tasty.
Chloro Cheese is fresh goat cheese made by women of Santorini and it is not easy to find anymore. Its texture is creamy and it has a slightly sour taste.
The White Eggplant, a unique vegetable of the island. They are very small, sweet and juicy, very delicious and with a fresh flavor.
The Caper (kapari) and the Dried Caper are other products of the island and are often used in salads. It has a characteristic sharp aroma and spicy taste.

Local sweets that Santorini people prefer are:
Melitinia, a festive sweet served mostly on Easter, which is like cheese pies with unsalted myzithra.
Koufeto, which is prepared with almonds, boiled in local honey or syrup. It is the traditional wedding sweet.

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