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Have you ever been to Santorini?

Monday, June 14, 2010


The traditional settlement of Oia is located on the highest northern tip of the island and is famous for their spectacular, amazing sunsets, which bathe the hills and buildings in a purple glow when the sun sinks into the Aegean. One distinct characteristic of the place is picturesque road, built just on the rim of the cliff side, which takes you all the way to a village of 79 (!!) churches. Sometimes referred to as Apano Meria, Oia is linked with 10km paved road to Fira.
Oia is built at a lower altitude than Fira, nearer the sea, to which it is connected by two sets of cobbled steps. The one to Ammoudi has 214 steps, the other to Armeni has 286. Definitely the way up is the hard part, but both sights are worth the effort.
Oia’s architecture is typical Santorini-Cycladic with small houses sunk deep into the volcanic rock, white walls and blue domes sparkling in the sunlight.
Oia is considered to be the cultural heart of the island as it hosts a cultural center, a central art gallery and many other popular Greek galleries. Moreover, there are many shops that sell local handcrafts, souvenirs, jewellery and other memorabilia. Taverns and restaurants around Oia have exquisite cuisine with tasty dishes accompanied by the recognized traditional wines of Santorini.
Definitely the ideal place for a peaceful vacation in a setting blessed by unique natural beauty.

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