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Have you ever been to Santorini?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Even though Thirasia is located very close to Santorini, it is very far away from the fast pace by which those opposite live. It is as if the volcano’s explosion in 1600BC was so definitive that it kept the two islands from ever uniting again. From the moment you set foot on Thirasia you will understand that you have come to a place that is impenetrable by tourism. As you walk through the two unique settlements of the island, Potamo and Manola, you will come across narrow pathways where genuine islanders walk. You will not only be won over by the human simplicity, but also by the beauty of the settlements that, when you look at from afar with the naked eye, appear to have a printed colour. The church-towers and houses are colored with the bright shades of blue, yellow and green.
During the winter time there aren’t more than 200 inhabitants on the island. Together with Oia, Thirasia constitutes an autonomous community in terms of administration. The only visitors of the island are relatives of inhabitants and those who go by kayak on tourist excursions.
If you visit Thirasia by kayak and disembark at Korfos, you can reach Manolas only by donkey or on foot. Alternatively you can go to Riva, the main harbor of Thirasia, by ferry boat from Athinios, or by small boat from Ammoudi which operate according to a regular schedule. There is a sandy beach here as well as the country church of St Irene. A little further up, as you follow the path from the main road to Potamo, you will reach Panagia of Lagadi. In order to get a complete picture of the island make sure you visit the monastery of the Assumption, that can be reached by following the pathway from Manolas.

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