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Have you ever been to Santorini?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Night beat

Santorini’s nightlife is vibrant and vivid. Note that dining late is a natural habit in Greece; after admiring the beautiful sunset, unique and breathtaking, it’s time for a meal or snack at one of the oh so many cozy taverns or restaurants or fast food joints that are found around the island.
The variety is dazzling. You can enjoy Mediterranean fusion dishes, French haute-cuisine at extravagant, posh restaurants, or just grab a traditional souvlaki to go…
Entertainment will depend on what your mood desires. You can choose among beautiful little and quiet café, to relax and just observe the passers by, to more elaborate and extravagant fun like bouzouki clubs or night clubs playing international music. For those who are or feel young, there are clubs, bars, beach bars all over the island, where the night ends the next day…
There are clubs playing Greek folk or popular songs, known as bouzoukia, where someone can indulge in the world-famous Greek fun throwing flowers and dancing “syrtaki”. During summer months, a great number of bars and clubs, host parties and happenings bringing international DJs to play hip music.
Santorini provides entertainment for all tastes and budgets – for those young at heart and for singles to couples and families...for everyone!
Santorini has it all…and is ready to light up your night!

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