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Monday, September 20, 2010

Hiking the Volcano

Hiking the Volcano
Santorini owes its existence to the volcanic activities.
Downhill Fira to Mesa Gialos village, either hike (~20minutes) or ride the donkeys that take you to the old port, or use the cable car. After reaching the port, embark on a boat to Nea Kammeni.
Follow the path that takes you to the rim of the craters. Continue stepping on the lava that has become stone. Dark colors dominate in the surroundings, except from the red flowers that grow here and resemble the red color of the lava.
From the top of the dome of little Kammeni -the oldest part of Nea Kammeni- gaze at the antithesis between the white at the rim of Santorini’s cliff and the dark rocks that surround you.
Hot Springs
Reaching at the top of the dome of George A’, which is the highest point of Nea Kammeni (127meters); you can see Palaia Kammeni. Between Palaia and Nea Kammeni, lie the Hot Springs, where the greenish waters, due to the sulfur, rise to a temperature of 30-35oC. The part of stoned lava, where steam is emitted, has a white and yellow color. In other parts, joined black stoned lava, raise in front of you as huge sponge. The colors vary from pale to dark.
Return to the bay from a discernible path, after an almost 1 hour walk amongst craters and lavas on a monument of special natural beauty.

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